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Golden Boiler Co. Ltd. is now in its FIFTEEN YEAR of services in the boiler manufacturing industry. We serve a growing number of local and international customers who depend on superior, reliable boilers in their everyday operations in a variety of industries. Each boiler is custom designed by our engineers and built by a team of our experienced employees to perform efficiently and safely in its unique application.

We design, manufacture and repair boilers in a variety of applications for the refining and Garment-Industries, power generation and other industries. We offer excellent technical solutions to the unique needs of our customers for steam with a focus on custom design and service, competitive prices, and reliable delivery schedules.

You can depend on Golden Boilers CO. Ltd. for reliable performance because of our quality and unique application to the needs of each of our customers. We build each boiler to meet the conditions in which it will operate, and our experienced engineers and employees apply their skills in every step of the process, from design and manufacture to installation and service. Our quality control system assures you that we meet all code requirements and project specifications.
According to the Minister of Industry in Bangladesh, In 2015,Golden Boiler Co. Ltd. Have obtained 2nd position among Bangladesh for total amount of Boiler supply.
Our group of dedicated workers & staff is bound by way of common vision to supply professional service the best.
Having built up a sturdy business Vass, a large inventory, a beneficial talent pool and also a solid name for fantastic value included service as well as products — our group is ready to meet this demands of emerging Bangladesh.

Md. Mukhleshur Rahman Mintu
Managing Director
Golden Boiler Co. Ltd.

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